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          Load impact test of automobile electronic ISO7637 5a/5b throwing load
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2018-02-27

          Load impact test of automobile electronic ISO7637 5a/5b throwing load

          1. The real picture of the test machine
            汽車電子ISO7637 5a/5b拋負載沖擊測試

          2. Equipment parameters
          Pulse waveform: 5A /5b
          Power supply system: 12V/24V, external DC adjustable
          Generator internal resistance (Ri):12V (0.5 Omega, 1 Omega, 2 Omega, 4 Omega, 6 omega) 24V (1 Omega, 2 Omega, 4 Omega, 6 Omega, 8 omega)
          Pulse front (Tr):5~10ms
          Pulse duration (Td)
          Pulse interval (T1):1~5min
          Allowed repetition times (N): 1~99 times

          3. Test standards
          ISO7637-2:2004 / GB/T 21437.2-2008

          4. Test description
          The test system can complete the EMC anti-interference test on the power supply system (12V/24V) line, which causes voltage transients on power lines due to vehicle load. In order to evaluate the electrical equipment of a car, the anti-interference performance of a vehicle is subjected to a load shock. Special vehicle electronics related equipment testing, such as vehicle traveling data recorder, vehicle rear view monitoring, vehicle charging, vehicle GPS navigation, vehicle DVD playback and other devices.