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          1.2/50us-8/20us combined wave lightning surge EMC test
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2018-02-27

          1.2/50us-8/20us combined wave lightning surge EMC test

          1. Pictures

          2. Equipment parameters
          Output voltage wave: 1.2 + 30%/50 + 20%us
          Output current wave: 8 + 30%/20 + 20%us
          Open circuit voltage: 0.2~6KV + 5%
          Short circuit current: 0.1~3KA + 5%
          Virtual impedance: 2 Omega
          Overlay phase of surge: asynchronous or synchronous (0~360 degree)
          Superimposed polarity of surge: positive and negative
          Power input: AC three-phase five wire 50/60HZ, external DC power coupler: fully automatic coupling coupler (CDN)

          3. Standard

          4. Test description
          The test system can complete the EMS test item in EMC, for the power port (AC / DC) surge (Lighting Surge) anti disturbance test of the equipment. Evaluation of electrical or electronic equipment, due to the switching or inductive lightning in the impact of the anti disturbance characteristics of surge. Special for using three-phase five wire (Dan Xiang) exchange city electric input, DC low voltage port equipment surge protective end test.