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          Circuit Protection of USB 2.0
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-12-07

          Circuit Protection of USB 2.0

          Circuit Protection of USB 2.0
          Circuit Protection of USB 2.0

          Design description:
          Protection application:
          The data signal using the USB 2 port is changed to + 0.5V, with the maximum data rate of 480Mbps.
          The arrival rate of data transmission, should minimize the amount of capacitance suppressor.
          Signal lines that need to be protected from ESD are D + and D. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the 5VDC power bus from the ESD protection and over current hazards.

          Solution description:
          On the left, the data line can be prevented from transient voltages, through a series of TG devices. As low as possible clamp voltage (low dynamic resistance), TG TVS (SPA) diode array equipment should use the lowest possible capacitance; Littlfuse PulseGuard (PGB) equipment should be used:
          (1) two channel silicon TVS diode array (SPA) solution (sp3003 series display)
          The solution polymerization of PulseGuard B) one or two channel suppressor (pgb102st23 device)
          C solution) discrete polymerization PulseGuard suppressor (pgb1010402 double or 0603 equipment)

          Matching solutions:
          Suggestions for other protection solutions. For power bus reset 1206l series PTC is advised to flow protection, ESD protection for transient voltage suppression and MLA series multilayer.

          Regulatory issues:
          61000-4-2 ESD IEC protection device hazards through the test can prove that the end product is not easy to be the most suitable standard specification for this interface.

          not applicable.

          Application warning: not applicable.

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