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          Hello! Welcome to Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.
          They are in search:Fuse | ESD protector | TVS diode | varistor | gravitron | MLCV | self recovery fuse
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          Company Name: Shenzhen Tage Technology Co., Ltd.
          Phone: 86-755-88365418,88365225,88363209
          Fax: 86-755-88361758 Holiday Service Phone: 18128869501 E-mail: evan@tergy.com
          Address: Shenzhen Baoan District city streets of entrepreneurship garden Amoy king business building

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            Shenzhen city from the Polytron Technologies Inc is a professional engaged in ESD electrostatic protection device, ESD static impedance device, TVS diode, self recovery fuse (PPTC), SMD self recovery fuse fuse (quick break fuse / slow break fuse), gas discharge tube, gas discharge tube, semiconductor discharge tube, varistor (MYG /ZOV varistor varistor), SMD varistor (MLV), glass discharge development and production enterprises.
            As you carefully to provide the latest and most professional electronic products in the field of lightning protection, anti-static and anti, over voltage and over current protection is the field of product design and production capability, for power supply, automotive electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, medical equipment, security, mobile phone, Smart Handheld Devices, precision instruments the instrument and military aviation market / customers to provide EMI/EMC, lightning protection, overcurrent protection scheme and complete product line.
            The main products include electrostatic transient suppressor, ESD protection devices, ESD static impedance, TVS, diode, transient suppression diodes, gas discharge tubes, semiconductor discharge tube, glass tube, self recovery fuse, self recovery fuse patch patch varistor varistor, etc..
            Company production base is located in Taiwan Hsinchu, the main city of Huizhou, Guangdong, Taoyuan, Shenzhen City, Shandong Zibo City, a European sales center and logistics center in Hongkong, the establishment of the Shenzhen tergytech Co. Ltd in Shenzhen, which is mainly responsible for business development and service Chinese, and asia.