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          What is the fuse current and the fuse rating current?
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-05-12

          When the current of the fuse is less than its rated current, the fuse will not fuse. As soon as the current exceeds its rated current and reaches the fusing current, the fuse will fuse and fuse. The greater the current through the fuse, the faster the fuse will fuse.


          General rules should be more than one hour fuse; should be in an hour fuse; two times, should be 3040 seconds after the fuse; 810 times, should be instantaneous fuse. The selection of fuses is based on the operating current required in circuit practice, rather than on the basis of the energy meter matching. When used in electric and electrical maintenance, the current rating of the fuse is greater than or equal to the sum of the total rated current of all the appliances.
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