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          How to detect whether the line leakage electricity safety knowledge!
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-02-15
          How to detect whether the line leakage?
          1, reasonable distribution board
          Switchboard is equipped with a fuse in the fuse, the fuse is mounted to, when the safety fuse current exceeds the allowable value by the time it will fuse, it cannot be arranged in the switchboard stacked above flammable items, to prevent the hot melt bead behind will ignite items. Fuse current lines of insurance is usually 1.5 - 2 times the rated current of the fuse in the family, the normal use of electricity when the total power of household appliances and no more than 1100 watts of 5 amperes can, when the current through it more than 7 ampere fuse will automatically achieve the purpose of protection. If the insurance meets the specifications but often fuse power lines or household appliances does not exceed the capacity, should be timely to find the reasons to remove hidden trouble, must not be arbitrary replacement of thick fuse or simply use the fuse wire instead of copper, no protection. On the choice of single-phase watt hour meter will use the total electric power to ensure that electricity, as long as through which the total current does not exceed the rated current of the meter itself can be, in conditions of the family can also install leakage protection, when the family occurs in the electric shock accident when it can cut off the current and timely action.
          Leakage protector
          2, the correct choice of wire
          At present, many families use the power line is still more than a dozen years ago or earlier when the laying of the building, and the requirements of the modern family of electricity does not meet the requirements. The first is the wire insulation layer after more than ten years of use gradually loose aging caused minor leakage, serious will cause short circuit fire, so to replace the wire. As well as the use of electricity load on the requirements of the wire, the use of electric load is too large, the use of wire insulation aging speed will be accelerated, so the choice of wire to consider the use of electric current, and then be determined. Finally, according to the selection of conductor types of environmental right, in the drying room can be used in general wire insulation, and in the wet room to the insulation protection layer, such as aluminum flex, plastic sheath wire, the electrical equipment of the mobile to use cord etc..
          3, reasonable layout line
          Some residents of the newly renovated house shortly after the fire, after identification is in the decoration workers will be laid in the wire directly dado, electrical short circuit ignited dado. When the wire is used to prevent the insulation layer to be damaged, through the surface of the combustible decoration to wear light flame retardant, the ceiling of the room where the ceiling of the wire should be used in metal pipe wiring. For the need to go through the walls of the wire in order to prevent insulation damage should be hard plastic pipe in the wall, the two ends of the export of about 1 cm out of the wall.
          4, the correct use of household appliances
          For television, radio and other household appliances after use not only to their own switch off, but also the power plug. This is because there are a lot of household appliances, the power switch is designed in the transformer side, the plug does not break the transformer internal coil and insulation will be short circuit or charring and fire. In addition, our country‘s power grid voltage fluctuations, in low power supply voltage of 220 volts and the high value can reach 250 volts, some of the capacitor breakdown voltage will not occur due to electrical capacitor breakdown caused burning phenomenon, therefore should be added in the circuit voltage stabilizing device.
          5, the correct use of leakage switch
          Only the leakage switch as a line protection device, there will be security risks. By flipping a switch leakage switch on the control power, time is long, will cause the leakage switch malfunction due to mechanical wear, without leakage protection; only a small leakage switch tripping device and overvoltage tripping device, no overcurrent tripping device. When the short circuit fault occurs, the leakage switch or circuit will not be damaged because of the over-current protection function. Therefore, the leakage switch and circuit breaker or switch must be matched.
          In short, for the safe use of electricity is that each of us must be concerned about, and to take seriously, do not be careless. At the same time, it also requires us to pay attention to observe the use of electricity in the work and life, so that the safety of electricity!
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