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          Circuit breaker and surge protector difference
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-02-13
          Circuit breaker and surge protector two is entirely two concepts:
          1 leakage circuit breaker is able to switch on and off the main circuit of electrical equipment, with leakage protection (human body shock), overload protection (overload), short circuit protection (short circuit) role.
          2 surge protector said the popular point is to prevent thunder and lightning, when there is thunder and lightning protection of the user‘s line safety and safety of electrical equipment, to help protect, do not control the line.
          Circuit breaker and surge protector really understand the difference?
          The utility model relates to a leakage circuit breaker, which is used for preventing people from being struck by an electric shock, and is used in a power distribution line.
          Use at home, is a socket loop with leakage breaker well, go in general distribution box with surge protector!
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