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          The cause of lightning surge?
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-01-16

          (1) lightning mainly simulates the indirect ray): for example, the lightning hit the outdoor line, there are a lot of current into the external circuit or grounding resistance, resulting in disturbance voltage; also, the indirect lightning (such as clouds or clouds of lightning) or current voltage induced on the line; moreover, lightning struck nearby the object, at the periphery of a magnetic field, when the outdoor line through the electromagnetic field, on the line induced voltage and current; also as lightning struck the ground around, the current through the public interference grounding system introduced.

          (2) switching transients: for example, the main power supply switching system (such as switching compensation capacitor group) interference; again, the same power, there are some large interference switch formed by beating the near around the equipment; again, switching thyristor resonant line pipe equipment; also, all kinds of fault system, such as network equipment grounding or earthing system between the short-circuit or arcing fault.
          Switching power supply can not be damaged after lightning surge. Two general types, "lightning" and "ringing" wave.

          The cause of lightning surge?
          The cause of lightning surge?