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          What kind of fuse? Fuse type
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-12-08
          What kind of fuse? Fuse type

          According to the maintenance mode, can be divided into: over current maintenance and overheating maintenance. The fuse used for the current maintenance is always a fuse (also called a current limit fuse). Fuse used for overheating maintenance is generally referred to as "temperature fuse". Temperature fuse and shape memory alloy and shape and temperature trigger for low melting point alloy etc. (temperature fuse is to avoid electrical appliances have a fever have a fever or temperature is exorbitant and maintenance, such as: hair dryer, electric irons, electric cooker, electric stove, transformer, electromotor and so on; it echoes with reduced the temperature rise of the electric appliance will ignore the circuit current task size. Its mission is divided into the "limit fuse".

          What kind of fuse? Fuse type
          According to the scale of the use of points, can be divided into: power fuses, machine tools, fuses, electrical instrument fuse (electronic fuse), car fuse.
          According to body integral, can be divided into: large, medium, small and micro.
          According to the additional voltage, can be divided into: high voltage fuse, low voltage fuse and safe voltage fuse.
          According to the broken down to points, can be divided into: high, low break to fuse.
          According to the shape, can be divided into: flat tubular fuse (can be divided into internal and external welding welding fuse fuse), a tubular fuse, fuse type, screw type fuse, insert fuse, plate type fuse, wrap type fuse, SMD fuse.
          By fusing speed, can be divided into: a slow fuse (performance of ordinary TT) and slow (fuse performance of ordinary T), medium (the performance of ordinary M fuse), fast fuse (common F), fast fuse (ordinary FF).
          According to the standard, can be divided into: EU fuse, fuse, fuse dial gauge beauty.

          The above information is a type of fuse briefly, if we do not understand to fuse the selection of friends online contact our Sales Department Manager Zhang, Zhang will explain in detail for you, make you a deeper understanding of fuse selection!