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          Discharge tube how to test?
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-20
          Discharge tube how to test?
          Answer: (1) the range setting. First, the "pressure sensitive resistance / discharge tube" selection switch set low (discharge tube), and then in accordance with the measurement range of the pressure sensitive resistor setting range.

          (2) the measured discharge tube connected to the test line measurement.
          Discharge test
          If the green light is lit, it indicates that the value of the ignition voltage of the tested product is Vsdc less than the "voltage preset" (the lower limit of the range), the buzzer sends out the sound prompt. At this point, should be removed in time to be tested, or will be repeated ignition.
          If the green light is not lit, it indicates that the ignition voltage of the tested product is greater than the value of the voltage Vsdc value. Can click the "test" button to continue the next operation.

          (3) click the "test" button, the test voltage to 100V/s rate from the voltage value of the preset value, during which the green light. To the red indicator light, a buzzer if not crying. The display will show the numerical measurement range; if the buzzer sounds, the display will show the upper limit of measurement range. At this point, the ignition voltage of the tested product is Vsd. Value is greater than the upper limit of the measurement range (the upper limit of the range) and no ignition.

          (4) continuous measurement. Will be "single / continuous" switch set low (continuous), it can be continuously measured.

          (5) the test is completed, click the "high voltage" button to close the test voltage, the back panel power switch set "OFF" bit. The use of external DC 12V DC power supply when the power line is removed.
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