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          Summary of main parameters of ceramic gas discharge tube!
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-11-07
          Summary of main parameters of ceramic gas discharge tube!
          Today we summarize about the electronic from the main parameters of ceramic gas discharge tube, in fact, most of the online are random parameters, ceramic gas discharge is not so complicated, Xiao Bian I technology combined with the actual 6 key summary:
          1) the reaction time refers to the time from the applied voltage over the breakdown voltage to the breakdown phenomenon, and the discharge time of the gas discharge tube is usually in the range of S.
          2) the power capacity refers to the maximum energy that the gas discharge tube can withstand and emit. It is defined as the current that can withstand and emit under the fixed 8 * 20 s current waveform.
          Summary of main parameters of ceramic gas discharge tube
          3) capacitance refers to the capacitance between the two poles of the ceramic gas discharge tube at a specified 1MHz frequency. The gas discharge capacity is very small, generally less than 1pF.
          4) the DC breakdown voltage increases when the applied voltage increases at 500V/s, and the breakdown voltage is produced when the discharge tube produces sparks. The gas discharge tube has a variety of DC breakdown voltages with different specifications, depending on the type of gas and the distance between electrodes.
          5) the temperature range of the working temperature range between 55 DEG C 125.
          6) insulation resistance refers to the gas discharge tube resistance measured when applied 50 or 100V DC voltage outside, generally >1010 ohm.
          The main parameters of the above 6 points is the ceramic gas discharge tube, if I can consult the official website in electronic tage of ceramic gas discharge tube do not understand the knowledge points!
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