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          Professional guide for the introduction and application of self restoring fuses
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-05-11
          Self resetting overcurrent protector (PPTC) is a high-tech polymer resin and conductive nano grain through special processing is made, under normal circumstances, nano conductive crystal with resin based conductive path forming a chain link, protector of the normal work; when the circuit short-circuit or overload protector, large current flows through the set temperature, when the temperature reaches Curie, its density decreases rapidly, phase transition increases, the internal state of a conductive link avalanche deformation or fracture, the protector was a step to move to a high impedance state, the current is fast pinch off, thus the circuit for fast, accurate protection and limitation of the small the current protector has been in a state of protection, when excluding power-off and failure, the temperature decreased, the density of States increases, phase recovery, nano crystal reduction into a chain of conductive path, protector. In a normal state without manual replacement.
          Self restoring fuse
          Self recovery fuse application range
          Communication equipment, program-controlled switches, user terminal equipment, wiring security unit etc..
          Automotive electronics: automotive wiring harness, car alarm, automotive micro motor, automotive electronics, etc..
          Electrical equipment: satellite receiver, security equipment, speakers, industrial automatic control, etc..
          Electronics industry: power supply, ballast, micro motor, fire alarm, instrumentation, etc..
          Self recovery fuse product advantages
          Easy to install: self reset over-current protection is not polarity, series in the need to protect the circuit can not only be widely used, but also safe and reliable.
          Repeated use: cut off the power supply and troubleshooting, automatic recovery to normal state, without manual replacement, can be reused.
          No re connect: under the condition of fault, the fault circuit will not be switched on again (other protective circuits, double metal pieces will be repeatedly connected to expand the scope of the fault).
          Improve the quality: to enhance the quality of customer products, can greatly reduce the natural damage rate of finished products, can greatly extend the life of the product.
          Highlights: because of the increase of high-tech elements, so that customers can add new products to the point of light, so that vulnerable circuit is no longer vulnerable.
          Cost reduction: reduce the number of components, PCB area, damage to the operating process than other protective circuits. Reduce the defective after-sales service costs.
          Efficiency: to improve the design efficiency and accuracy and reliability of the engineer.
          Enhance credibility: to enhance the customer‘s reputation and product market competitiveness.
          Self restoring fuse mounting
          The utility model has the advantages of no polarity, small resistance, convenient installation, and the utility model can be connected in series in the circuit of the protected electric appliance.
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