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          TVS Schottky diode characteristics and the detailed!
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-01-11
          A TVS tube: transient voltage suppressor (Transient Voltage Suppressor) referred to as TVS, is a high efficient diode form a protective device.
          When the TVS diode poles by the reverse transient high energy impact, it can take 10-12 seconds of the speed, the high impedance between two poles into low impedance, absorb up to several kilowatts of power surge, the voltage clamp between two poles at a predetermined value, the effective protection of electronic circuit in precision components the damage from the surge pulse.
          Explain the characteristics of Schottky diode and TVS tube!
          Specifically the following three characteristics:
          1, the TVS diode on the signal and power line, to prevent the microprocessor or microcontroller for instantaneous pulse, such as electrostatic discharge effect, AC power surge and switching power supply noise caused by failure.
          2, electrostatic discharge effect can release more than 10000V, 60A more than the pulse, and can continue to 10ms; and the general TTL device, when more than 30ms 10V pulse, will lead to damage. The use of TVS diodes, can effectively absorb the device will cause damage to the pulse, and can eliminate the interference caused by the switch between the bus (Crosstalk).
          3, the TVS diode placed in the signal line and the ground, to avoid the data and control the bus is unnecessary noise.
          Two, Schottky (Schottky) diode is a fast recovery diode, which is a low-power, ultra high speed semiconductor devices. The remarkable features of the reverse recovery time (can be as small as a few nanoseconds), the forward voltage is only about 0.4V. Its work is more sophisticated than ordinary diodes, the price is expensive, but in terms of external performance is similar to the ordinary diode.
          Unlike the Schottky diode PN junction diodes: is the use of N type semiconductor materials and metal to form a metal semiconductor junction together.
          The Schottky diode has the advantages of lower forward voltage and reverse charge recovery time than the conventional diode. In general, less than 10ns is a good Schottky diode, for example: ASEMI semiconductor Schottky diode MBR10100FCT recovery time is less than 5ns.
          Explain the characteristics of Schottky diode and TVS tube!
          Schottky diode product characteristics:
          1 the forward voltage drop of the Schottky diode is much lower than that of the fast recovery diode, so the power consumption is small and the efficiency is high.
          2 as a result of the reverse charge recovery time is very short, so suitable for working in high frequency state.
          3 on the market at present the highest junction temperature of the Schottky tube is divided into 100 DEG C, C, C, 150%, and 175 DEG C (the higher the junction temperature is, the better the high temperature resistance of the product). Work below this temperature will not cause failure.
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