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          Transient suppression diode test method
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-12-27
          Transient suppression diode test method

          Method for judging polarity of bidirectional thyristor (thyristor)
          (1). The three meter is placed in the Rx1 file, the amount of the pins, as shown in the table, regardless of how to measure the red pen, the resistance between T1 and G is 20 to 50 mu, and the other pin for T2.

          (2). Place the three meter in the Rx1 file, the test rods are connected to the SCR T2 and T1, to connect the wire T2 and G and then removed, then T2 and T1 low resistance (SCR has been triggered), set its resistance to R1.

          (3) and three meter measuring respectively T2 and G, which are connected to the T2 and T1 away, showed low resistance between T2 and G (thyristor is triggered), the resistance is R2, R1 is usually less than R2, can identify T1 and G points.
          Transient suppression diode test method
          Transient suppression diode
          1 with a multimeter R * 1K block measuring tube is good or bad for the unipolar TVS, according to the measurement method of ordinary diodes, can measure the reverse resistance, generally positive resistance is about 4k5, the reverse resistance is infinite.

          2 for bi polar type TVS, freely red, black test to measure the resistance of the two pin between the values should be infinite, otherwise, that bad performance or damaged pipe.

          P6KE10CA this is a bidirectional transient suppressor diode so use the 2 method
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