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          Basic knowledge and application of SMD Varistors
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-12-22
          SMD varistor basic role and application of knowledge, engineers required courses for an engineer must understand. Today this tage for the majority of electronic engineers brought to explain as follows:

          Basic knowledge and application of SMD Varistors

          Transient voltage suppression function is the most basic function of MLCV, when the voltage is IC or electrical equipment in the moment is higher than a certain value, pressure sensitive resistance decreased rapidly, the conduction current to be protected. It can protect IC and circuit caused by surge and other transient current (such as lightning, etc.), electrostatic discharge caused by damage.
          Therefore, the application of MLCV widely. With the development of intelligent products, all kinds of intelligent mobile phone, portable computer, PDA, digital cameras, medical instruments, these electronic products for the speed of the circuit system requires higher demands on the lower operating voltage, voltage dependent resistor is made smaller, higher performance requirements. Therefore, suitable for surface mount SMD varistor began to emerge, its sales growth rate is much higher than the plug-in varistor. DC power equipment, as well as new consumer electronics products such as digital audio, video equipment, digital cameras, etc. also makes SMD pressure-sensitive occupy the market, to be more widely used.

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