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          Self recovery fuse parameter symbols
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-10-08
          In a lot of white engineers and purchasing in reading from the parameter information of fuses, often do not understand the symbols are used to represent the meaning of the resulting reading trouble, in this small series for an electronic dance band from recovery fuse parameter symbols instructions Daquan, I hope you can help the self recovery fuse cognitive improvement:
          Ih: the maximum operating current of the fuse element at ambient temperature of 25.
          It: self recovery fuse element at 25 C ambient temperature to start the protection of the minimum current.
          Imax: self recovery fuse element can withstand the maximum current.
          Vmax: the maximum operating voltage of the self recovery fuse element.
          Vmaxi: self recovery fuse element in blocking state under the maximum voltage.
          Rmin: since the resumption of initial minimum resistance of fuse element before work.
          Rmaxi: self recovery fuse element at the end of work before the initial maximum resistance.
          Self recovery fuse
          Hold current Ih: hold current is self - fuse series macromolecule PTC thermistor maintains the maximum current that can pass through without action. Under the condition of limited environment, the device can be kept for a long time without changing from the low resistance state to the high resistance state.
          Action current It: in a limited environment, the minimum steady state current of the polymer thermistor in a limited time is made.
          Maximum current Imax: (current value) in a limited state, self - complex fuse series polymer PTC thermistor safety action of the maximum operating current, that is, the heat resistance of the flow resistance. Over this value, the thermal resistance is likely to be damaged and cannot be recovered.
          Consumption efficacy of Pdmax: in the circuit under normal operating conditions of the polymer self recovery fuse in the circuit consumed by the effectiveness of.
          Maximum working resistance Vmax: high molecular self recovery fuse work can withstand the voltage, if the voltage is too high, then since the recovery of the fuse device is likely to circuit protection failure or error protection.
          The maximum withstand voltage Vmaxi: polymer self recovery fuse voltage components can withstand the maximum, if the voltage exceeds the value of self recovery fuse components is likely to damage failure, can not effectively protect the circuit.
          Initial resistance Rmin: before being mounted to the circuit in the condition of the environment temperature is 25 DEG C under test, since the complex polymer PTC thermistor fuse series resistance.
          Rmax: the initial maximum resistance at room temperature, resettable fuse series polymer PTC thermistor action or reflow soldering installation to the maximum resistance after an hour in the circuit board measured value.
          Self recovery fuse Figure 2
          What is the relationship between IH and IT? Why is the difference? The relationship between IT and IH is the 2:1 of most of our products. Some products may be as low as 1.7:1 while others may be as high as 3:1. Materials, processing methods and the different forms of heat resistance of the IT and IH are different. The actual ratio of most of our products is 2:1.
          What‘s the difference between Rmin, Rmax and Rl?
          In the specified conditions (e.g., 20 degrees C), the resistance values of the pre specified self recovery fuse are in a range of values, that is, between the minimum (Rmin) and the maximum (Rmax). High polymer PTC thermistor at room temperature action after the end of 1 hours after the resistance of the maximum value or welding to the circuit board one hour after the resistance value of Rl.
          The above content is provided by the Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. from the professional and technical personnel! I hope you can help on the self recovery fuse has a better cognition and enhance their ability, if do not know of contact our customer service website or call QQ279824446 on our website at the bottom of the telephone consultation on self recovery fuse products!
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