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          Main parameters of the patch self recovery fuse
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-29
          What are the main parameters of the patch self recovery fuse? From the small electronic technology to solve this problem, the following will give the engineer to explain the main parameters and the parameters of patch fuses comment solution.
          Main parameters of the patch self recovery fuse:
          Holding current (IH): the maximum current that does not change the resistance value.
          Trigger current (IT): can cause the sudden change of the resistance value of the minimum current, generally to maintain the current two times.
          Movement time (Ttrip): through the 5IH (LP Series) or 3IH (LBR Series) or the provisions of the current (other series) the maximum action time. The higher the current or the higher the temperature, the shorter the action time.
          Self recovery fuse
          The maximum voltage (Vmax): maximum voltage withstand at rated current, sometimes with a maximum voltage of Vmax interrupt can withstand the impact.
          The maximum current (Imax): the maximum fault current can withstand under rated voltage.
          The action of power (Pdtyp): power consumption status.
          The static resistance (R): the resistance value should be in power in the case of static resistance minimum Rmin and maximum range determined by Rmax, Rmin = R = Rmax. In particular, it is pointed out that the above parameters are in the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius in the still air, the temperature is not the same time will be changed. Hold current IH, trigger current IT, action time Ttrip and all with the increase of temperature and decrease with the decrease of temperature and increase.
          The main parameters of the above contents of patch resettable is small short presentation, I believe the majority of engineers for patch self recovery fuse has a deeper understanding and promotion if there do not understand or explain the small series for understanding is not very understand can contact us, we will give you the best portrait of the most professional answer for the first time!
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