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          Overview of the pressure sensitive resistance symbols
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-28

          This article is to explain in detail the introduction of the pressure sensitive resistance symbols, then what are the symbols of the pressure? What is the symbolic representation of the pressure - sensitive resistance? The next dance electronic technology small puzzles moment!
          The varistor is used for lightning protection, anti surge and other products, it is the symbol for example: ZOV 5D151K model is defined as: ZOV varistor brand, 5 is the diameter of 5mm varistors, D diameter is 271 letters, 270V K said, the varistor voltage, the precision is 10%. But without the action of the pressure sensitive resistors with different letter symbols, the following we will talk about the meaning of the letters of the alphabet.
          Name and meaning of the model of the pressure sensitive resistance:
          Part: the main call
          The second part: Category
          The third part: use or feature
          The fourth part: the meaning of the serial number letter

          Symbol of pressure sensitive resistance

          M sensitive resistance
          Y pressure sensitive resistance
          Ordinary type with the number of serial number, and some in the back of the serial number is marked with the nominal voltage current capacity or resistance body diameter, nominal voltage, voltage error, the following is the significance of various types of pressure sensitive resistance symbols.
          D universal
          B compensation
          C for degaussing
          E denoising
          G over voltage protection
          H arc extinguishing
          K high reliability
          L lightning protection
          M ESD protection
          N high energy type
          P high frequency
          S component protection
          T special type
          W voltage regulator
          Y ring
          Z combination type
          As seen in the circuit diagram or in the purchase order to see the above letter symbol:
          The first part of the letter "M" is used to show the main known as the sensitive resistance.
          The second part uses the letter "Y" to express the sensitive resistor as the pressure sensitive resistance.
          The third part uses the letter to express the characteristics of the use of the pressure sensitive resistance.
          The fourth part with the number of serial number, and some in the back of the serial number is also marked with the nominal voltage, current capacity or resistance of the body diameter, voltage error, the nominal voltage, etc..
          For example: MYL1-1 (lightning protection with a pressure sensitive resistor) MY31-470/3 (470V/3kA common voltage sensitive resistor) Y - pressure - sensitive electrical resistance L - lightning protection
          Pressure sensitive resistance is a kind of voltage limiting protection device. By using the non-linear characteristic of the pressure sensitive resistance, when the over-voltage occurs in the voltage between the two electrodes, the voltage clamp can be clamped to a relatively fixed voltage value, so as to realize the protection of the circuit. The main parameters of the pressure sensitive resistance are: voltage, current capacity, junction capacitance, response time and so on.
          In this small series strongly recommended reading electronic dance: varistor http://www.xhfw131.com/297/355.html to introduce symbol annotation symbols to understand more thoroughly the varistor!