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          The principle and application of ceramic gas discharge tube
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-18
          Commonly used in the gas discharge tubes. How much do you know about? What is the principle of ceramic gas discharge tube? The application of ceramic gas discharge tube is used where? For these problems, or some of the newly appointed engineers are required to understand. So in this small series of electronic dance? For these friends and white to answer the two skilled engineers question!
          The principle and application of ceramic gas discharge tube - tage electronic
          The principle of ceramic gas discharge tube:
          Gas is the basic principle of ceramic gas discharge tube discharge. The discharge tube pulse breakdown voltage in hundreds of volts to more than 1 thousand volts, discharge from a circuit breaker state, high resistance, capacitance is very small. Once the breakdown voltage pulse pulse overvoltage discharge tube, the breakdown strength of electric field strength between more than gas, will cause the gap discharge, gas ionization discharge tube, tube, by the open state of the original into approximate short circuit. When the discharge resistance is very small, can through high impact current and surge current discharge, the discharge tube and other devices and circuits connected to avoid surge damage.
          The principle and application of ceramic gas discharge tube
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          The application of ceramic gas discharge tube:
          Power supply for lightning arrester common mode circuit, discharge lightning current into, can also be used in the differential mode circuit is connected in series with a varistor and blocking the leakage current. In the signal lightning protection device is often used for the first level discharge surge current, because of its slow reaction rate, but also with second for the limit pressure protection. Ceramic gas discharge tube belongs to the switch components, turn-on voltage is very low, can not be directly used in the active circuit for differential protection. Must be used, should be connected in series with the current limiting component to prevent the formation of excessive current and even cause a fire; surge after the circuit can be restored to the state.
          Ceramic gas discharge tubes are often used for the first or the first two stages in the multistage protection circuit, and the lightning transient overvoltage and the limiting overvoltage are played. The discharge tube is obtained by placing the voltage at a low level, thus playing a protective role. Ceramic gas discharge tube is a kind of lightning protection devices are currently the most widely used, both AC and DC power supply lightning protection lightning or various signal, can play a very good protective effect.
          The above principle of ceramic gas discharge tube and ceramic gas discharge tube is by Shenzhen tage electronic senior technical director for many years of experience, I hope the above content to bring help to the majority of friends! Thank you for reading!
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