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          Method for selecting a fuse fuse and specifications for a common chip fuse
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-05
          How to select the factors involved in the selection of patch fuses and patch fuses? Schematic diagram of common fuse specifications and specifications, following by Shenzhen science and technology from the small to as we explain in detail:
          Chip fuse selection involves the following factors:
          1 normal operating current.
          2 applied voltage applied to the patch fuse.
          3 requires the patch fuse to disconnect the abnormal current.
          4 the shortest and longest time allowed to exist.
          5 the ambient temperature of the fuse fuse.
          6 pulse, impulse current, surge current, starting current and circuit transient value.
          7 do you have special requirements beyond the specification of the fuse fuse.
          8 mounting structure size limits.
          9 requirements of the certification body.
          10 patch fuse holder: patch fuse clip, mounting box, panel mounting, etc..
          Chip self recovery chip size from small to large size is: 181244202920 0602080512061210 size is just a simple standard patch fuse. The key is to look at the self recovery fuse like electrical properties: voltage and current action time of resistance and temperature up to the comprehensive selection!
          Patch fuse selection
          Common specification for chip fuse - patch fuse:
          Size & current specification for high current fuse (HA/HB) 1206: maximum to 30A slow break fuse (SB) 1206: maximum to 8A slow break fuse (SB) 0603: maximum to 8A high pulse fuse (HI) 1206: maximum to 8A high pulse fuse (HI) to a maximum of 0603: 5A fast break fuse (FA) to 8A 1206: maximum breaking fuse (FA) to 6A 0603: maximum breaking fuse (FA) 0402: maximum 4A to fuse off ultrafast (FF) 0603: maximum to 5A HA/HB specifications: high current. Very suitable for a variety of high current products, such as: server and storage systems, DC/DC converters, electric tools, etc..
          SB: very high pulse endurance. Suitable for high transient surge current and impulse current.
          HI: high impulse current tolerance. Suitable for high pulse current status, such as inverter, etc..
          FA: fast fusing, designed for applications that require rapid protection.
          FF: high resistance to pulse. Thickness of ultra-thin design, suitable for use in the occasion of space restrictions.
          Specifications of commonly used patch fuse are as follows:
          Method for selecting a fuse fuse and specifications for a common chip fuse