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          The working principle of electrostatic suppressor and its effect
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-30
          What is the working principle of electrostatic eliminator? What is the role of electrostatic suppressor? The two issue for most of the static suppressor of deep understanding friend is also a kind of worry. Then? Shenzhen tergytech professional and technical Xiaobian this for the friends tells working principle and its effect on the electrostatic eliminator!
          The working principle of electrostatic suppressor and its effect
          The working principle of electrostatic eliminator:
          Static suppressor external by polymer polymer materials made internal diamond of high molecular to rules of the discrete lattice like arrangement, when the electrostatic voltage exceeds the polymer trigger voltage and internal molecular rapidly produce tip to tip discharge, electrostatic in the twinkling of an eye on the relief.
          Electrostatic eliminator external polymer ontology is an insulator material, trigger voltage and protect the internal high molecular free by oxidation, will not be affected by external environmental impact equivalent capacitance value, and due to the tip to tip discharge is a physical principle, so there will be no life, 3 00000 times the impact of the electrostatic, impedance does not change, maintained the same electrostatic discharge capacity, the signal attenuation tiny, negligible (even if it is the breakdown and open circuit phenomenon, because static suppressor of internal high molecular to discrete arrangement); leakage current is less than 1NA.
          Inhibitory reaction is an important factor to the high sensitivity and selectivity of ion chromatography, and it is also the main factor to be considered in the selection of separation column and leaching solution.
          Ion chromatography has several detection methods, which is the most important one, because it is universal to the ion in aqueous solution. However, because of its universality, as ion chromatography detector, it brings a problem, namely the eluent has very high detection signal, which makes it difficult to identify the leaching of sample ions generated signal. Simple and ingenious solutions to small et al proposed is the selection of the alkali metal salt of a weak acid anion separation leaching liquid, inorganic acid (HNO3 or HCl) for the separation of cations leaching liquid. When the anion separation the eluent by exposing to separation between the column and detector of a hydrogen (H +) type strong acid cation exchange resin packed column; cationic analysis, through the OH - type strong basic anion exchange resin column. So, in leaching solution of anionic salts of weak acids was protonated produce weak acid; cation leaching solution of acid neutralized to form water, so that eluent conductance greatly reduced. This column is called the pillar of suppression.
          The working principle of electrostatic suppressor and its effect
          Electrostatic suppressor effect:
          Suppressor mainly two effects, one is reduce the background conductance of the eluent, second is to increase the ionic conductivity measured value, improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Figure 8-4-2 illustrates the role of chemical suppressors for ion chromatography. The sample is mixed solution of F-, Cl-, SO42- anion, the eluent is NaOH. If the samples were eluted after the column is obtained directly into the conductivity cell, chromatogram of the upper right. The very high background conductivity in the graph comes from the NAOH of the leaching solution. The peak of the ion is very small, that is, the signal to noise ratio is not good, a large system peak (and the corresponding cation of the anion in the sample) at the front of the F- peak. When the eluent by chemical suppressors enters the conductivity cell, was lower in figure 8-4-2 right of the chromatogram. In suppresser, OH- and H+ in eluent combine to form water. Sample ions in an aqueous solution of low background conductivity into the conductivity cell, and not the high background of NaOH solution; the measured ion counterion (cation) and eluent, Na + together into the waste water, thus eliminating the system peak. Solution with the sample anions corresponding cations into H +, conductivity detector is due to the total conductance of anions and cations in the test solution, and the cation, H + molar conductance is highest, so sample anion a - and H +, molar conductance of sum has also been greatly improved.
          The above content is provided by the Shenzhen science and technology from the professional, if there is not enough understanding, clear enough friends can contact us!
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