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          The typical application of TVS in circuit design
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-19
          TVS diode in the circuit design of the application of what? TVS diode in the circuit design of typical application in actual application circuit, instantaneous pulse damage to device the best way, is the instantaneous current away from the sensitive device. In order to achieve this goal, the TVS diode is connected in parallel with the protected line on the circuit board. So when the instantaneous voltage exceeds the normal working voltage of the circuit TNS will occur avalanche breakdown, in order to provide instantaneous current a super low impedance path, the result is instantaneous current through the diode TVs is distract, so as to avoid the protected device, and when the voltage restores to the normal value before the protected circuit has a hold off voltage. After that, when the instantaneous pulse is over, the TVS diode is automatically recovered to a high resistance state, and the whole circuit is in the normal voltage state. The following is a typical example of the application of TVS diode in the circuit.
          Application of (1) TVS diode in AC circuit
          Figure 1 shows the application circuit of a bidirectional TVS diode in an AC circuit. Application of TVS diode can effectively restrain the overload pulse caused by the power grid, so as to protect the bridge and the load of all components of the role. The maximum allowable voltage TVS in Fig. 1 diode clamped voltage should be not greater than the circuit.
          Typical application of TVS diode in circuit design
          (2) using TVS diode to protect the DC voltage stabilized power supply
          Figure 2 is a DC regulated power supply, in the voltage stabilizing output and TVS diode can uses to protect the power equipment, and it can also absorb collector of the transistor circuit to emission peak voltage between the electrodes, so as to protect the transistor. It is recommended that a TVS tube is added at the output of each voltage stabilized source.
          It can greatly improve the reliability of the whole machine.
          Typical application of TVS diode in circuit design 2
          (3) protection transistor circuit with TVS diode
          Various transient voltage to the transistor EB junction or CE junction breakdown and damage, especially collector transistor with inductive load (coil, transformer, motor), usually produces high pressure back EMF, which may make the transistor damage. In practical applications, the proposed TVS diode as a protective device. Figure four shows the 3 circuit examples of TVS protection transistor.
          Typical application of TVS diode in circuit design 3
          (4) protection of integrated circuits
          As the integration of modern IC is more and more high, and its voltage is getting lower and lower, so it is vulnerable to the impact of transient voltage and damage, it is necessary to take protective measures. The input and output terminals of the CMOS circuit are usually protected by the network. For the sake of reliability, various protection networks have been added to the external interface of the whole machine.
          (5) with a TVS diode protection integrated operational amplifier
          The integrated operational amplifier to external electric stress is very sensitive. Therefore, in the process of use of op amp, if due to operator error or take the abnormal working conditions, often appear too high voltage or current, especially the surge and electrostatic pulse, and thus easily make operational loss or damage. Figure 5 is the use of TVS diode in the op amp differential input end protection circuit for preventing overvoltage damage.
          Typical application of TVS diode in circuit design 5
          The above content by Shenzhen tergytech technology small series of professional knowledge, make TVS diode industry you more in-depth understanding and analysis! Thank you for browsing.
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