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          Main parameters of varistor tester (MY - 4C)
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-08-22
          Main parameters of varistor tester (MY - 4C)
          I. overview of varistor testers (MY - 4C)
          The instrument can measure the voltage of the lmA and 0.1mA below 1000 volts. It can measure the leakage current at the 83%V1mA voltage and measure the V1mA / V0.1mA pressure ratio. The instrument adopts 2 3 bit and half digital panel display, with accurate reading and convenient operation and maintenance.
          Main parameters of varistor tester (MY - 4C)
          Main parameters of varistor tester (MY - 4C)
          Two, varistor tester (MY - 4C) technical parameters
          1 、 constant current source:
          A.1mA 0.1mA two blocks:
          B. accuracy: lmA~ + 0.005mA
          2 、 measuring pressure-sensitive voltage:
          A. range: 0-1000V, divided into ten blocks;
          B. can measure 1mA, 0.1mA, two kinds of current under the varistor voltage;
          C. accuracy: + (0.5% readings +1 words)
          3, leakage current:
          A. output voltage adjustable range: 5-850V
          B. output voltage accuracy: + (0.5% readings / 1 words)
          C. flow meter accuracy: + (0.5% readings / 1 words) (full file 199.9 A)
          4, measuring voltage ratio
          A.V1mA / V0.1mA~<1.1999
          B. range: 30V-1000V
          C. accuracy: reading + 0.002
          5, power: 220V + 10%50Hz 15W
          6, working conditions: 0~40 degrees, relative humidity is not greater than 80%, continuous work.
          Three, varistor tester (MY - 4C) panel structure
          The middle of the instrument panel is a power switch, and the upper part is a voltage selector switch, which is used to select the voltage gear, and the following is the "test selection" key switch, which is used for different parameter test conversion.
          The upper left is a three bit half LED digital table that is used to show the value of the leakage current (A per unit) or the ratio of the pressure to the current.
          The upper right is also a three bit semi LED digital meter that is used to indicate the value of the varistor voltage or the leakage current voltage. (in volts)
          The bottom left is "zero pressure ratio" knob (a coarse, fine tune a) and "leakage current voltage adjusting knob (a coarse, fine tune a) between two only fine-tuning a" pressure ratio according to the compression ratio "button, press this key to reading.
          The lower right is the high voltage output switch and the output terminal.
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