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          What are the main components of circuit protection?
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-05-10
          What are the main components of circuit protection? Of course, what are the main functions of these components? Today from the electronic technology Xiaobian to sort such a "circuit protection support what the main components?" Examples of articles. Circuit protection devices include: over voltage protection devices, over-current protection devices and over temperature protection devices.
          Overvoltage protection circuit
          An overvoltage protection device (OVP): used to protect the circuit from subsequent load rejection or transient voltage failure, overvoltage protection device commonly used are varistor, transient voltage suppressor (TVS), electrostatic discharge suppressor and etc.. Such as: transient suppression diode (TVS, also known as transient voltage suppressors), ESD suppressors, ceramic gas discharge tube, etc..
          Over current protection device: over current protection device mainly includes one time fuse, self restoring fuse, fuse resistance and circuit breaker.
          Over temperature protection device: the main thermistor (whpptc), temperature switch and temperature fuse, etc.. In the design of the power supply is often used NTC thermistor surge suppressor for over temperature protection, because of its ability to suppress the surge current is equivalent to ordinary resistance, but the power consumption on the resistance can be reduced to tens of times.
          The protection device for example: fuse tube, current fuse, temperature fuse, self recovery fuse (whpptc), overcurrent protector, surge protector, gas discharge tube, a voltage sensitive resistor, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, overheat protection, thermal resistor, LED driver overheat protection, circuit breaker, hybrid protection, led protection element and ESD protection devices.
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