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          Lightning surge protection and lightning surge protective devices do you know how much?
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-12-14
          The amplitude of lightning current and surge voltage is high, the current characteristic of the current source and high resistance are similar, so in the design of lightning surge protection scheme, engineers can more to rely on these. The basic principle of lightning and surge protection is to make the energy of lightning and surge in accordance with the pre - set method and the way of smooth discharge. In the solution of protecting circuit, lightning surge protection is a key protection is particularly concerned about the electronic engineers, socay electronics as electronic protection experts with more than ten years of experience in supply lightning protection devices, has compiled a basis for lightning surge protection and lightning surge protection device on.

          In the process of the lightning discharge, because the instantaneous discharge produces intense electromagnetic pulse, near the equipment or electronic circuit on the induction voltage surge current amplitude and change rate are very high, with devastating damage to some of the electronic devices, this phenomenon is called lightning lightning or lightning strike. And we need protection is the lightning surge brings the high voltage and current, electronic engineers will generally tage for protection design and protection device according to the customer‘s product type and level of protection recommended. The lightning overvoltage of outdoor equipment and telecommunications equipment in general will choose the ceramic discharge tube, and residual pressure part can be used TVS diode or varistor to limit voltage, over current protection can choose PTC self recovery fuse, avoid frequent replacement or is inconvenient to replace the traditional fuse.

          Surge is a transient wave of current, voltage, or power transmitted along a circuit or circuit, which is characterized by a rapid increase in the first and then a slow descent. On the harm of communications and power surge of more obvious performance is suspended, system crashes, damage may lead to serious accidents, and the harm of missing is decreased and the performance of the line inside the using lifetime and reliability significantly influence.


          The most common electronic equipment is not caused by direct lightning, but caused by the current surge in the power supply and communication lines. On the one hand, due to the internal structure of highly integrated electronic equipment (VLSI chip), resulting in equipment pressure resistance and current level of decline of lightning (including lightning and overvoltage surge) decline in capacity, on the other hand, due to the increase in signal source path, the system more easily than before by lightning wave invasion. Surge voltage from the power line or signal line way into computer equipment, know the formation of lightning surge and lightning surge on the computer and other electronic equipment / power equipment damage, lightning surge protection circuit is designed to achieve two objectives: one is to the line in a sense of the lightning surge current should be discharged to the earth. The two is to make the protected device surge voltage limit in the following safety voltage allowed.

          Circuit protection device as a passive component, has been silent for all types of equipment to provide lightning surge, overvoltage, overcurrent and other protection, to ensure that the active components and the entire circuit, equipment, the use of safety. Lightning surge protection circuit protection devices commonly used in the main switch type lightning protection limiting device GDT ceramic gas discharge tube, semiconductor discharge tube, glass tube; clamp type lightning protection limiting device TVS transient suppression diode, varistors, SMD varistors, ESD electrostatic discharge diode and overcurrent protection devices of PTC self recovery fuse. In front of the small master has mentioned in detail the function and selection of circuit protection devices, this article will not repeat them.

          In order to ensure the market in each mature electronic / electric equipment products are with high safety and reliability, you need to plan circuit protection scheme in the design at the beginning, although the circuit protection device was much smaller than in the past, but after the PCB design is completed, if there is not enough space is not possible to add circuit protection devices. If the electronic / electric equipment products in the development cycle without timely consideration of circuit protection, and later because the PCB board space problems in the implementation of incompetent protection scheme, is equivalent to no protective layer, the lightning surge protection ability is almost zero, the product performance will continue to decline, short working life and reliability is also gradually reduced, seriously affected product quality and market reputation, on the other hand, in the early product development actively planning the circuit protection scheme, and optimize the design combined with the test data of socay EMC laboratory, the reliability of products effectively ensure product quality and market reputation, naturally does not have any adverse effect.

          Electronic products with high performance and high reliability of the design trend, so that the developers of circuit protection and electromagnetic compatibility design technology requirements continue to increase. Based on above knowledge of lightning surge protection can make new electronic engineers easily fix design of lightning surge protection scheme, also can be used to design the skills of other types of protection plan and rectification process, so as to design the protection scheme for the equipment excellent, better service. From all walks of life to provide products dedicated to electronic security products and professional solutions.