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          The severity of the error fuse for the selection of the self recovery fuse
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-12-02
          Manufacturers in the manual (usually in the instrument) list the ampere, interrupting current, and voltage rating required to replace the fuse. If you chose not to meet these indicators of the fuse, or even worse is the direct connection of the wire with a fuse link line, whether you believe it or not, you are in the manufacture of a heat grenade. All you need is the condition of the grenade.
          When you use a printer, a computer, a printer, or a device with its own power supply (I CAT), it may not be an explosion. Even in the work at the II CAT (Branch), it may not be a hand grenade and escape. Under these two circumstances, the environment is very low energy, and often has a built-in fuse protection function, circuit breakers and overcurrent protection circuit. However, this is not a good way to work safety.
          The severity of the error fuse for the selection of the self recovery fuse
          Plasma ball
          In this case, the error of the fuse (or the connection of the fuse and the wire) and test lines formed by the short circuit circuit will produce almost infinite energy. The metal component of the fuse (or wire) is quickly heated and begins to be evaporated to form a small explosion. When using the wrong fuse, the fuse will be due to the impact of the explosion and suddenly open, when the encounter infinite oxygen, it will form a plasma ball. The test line may also start to melt, the flame and the hot metal will quickly come into contact with your clothes and hands, arms and face. The meter gets the energy of the time, the amount of oxygen available, and the protective products (such as masks and protective gloves) will determine the extent to which you are injured.
          It all happens within a few milliseconds, and the time to react to the error is very limited. Lucky, you will get rid of the test line or instrument, thus breaking the circuit. But not only luck, the use of a suitable fuse to completely avoid this accident.

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