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          How much do you know about a car fuse?
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-11-18
          Most of the time you auto fuse the word feeling very familiar, but its concept and use is not very understanding, today by the US auto fuse professional manufacturers - Gongfu electronic Xiaobian bring everyone together to learn about.
          The scientific name is called auto fuse fuse. The role of our car fuses and household fuses is similar to the protection circuit. Our car fuses are generally divided into 2 categories, respectively, is full blown fuses and fuse.

          How much do you know about the car fuse?
          Our cars are used to fuse high current fuse and low current fuse, normal use is more on the low current fuse, low current fuse, and there are a lot of classification: fuse, fuse, fuse tube insertion and so on.
          In general, we have two cars on the fuse box, a box is responsible for the safety of the car‘s external electrical appliances, the other is responsible for the normal operation of the car‘s internal electrical.

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