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          Protection scheme of DC power supply interface
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2018-05-21
          Protection scheme of DC power supply interface
          In recent years, many partners have consulted the problem of DC power interface protection, so which electronic components and what type of specifications should we use for DC power interface protection? Today, our Shenzhen electronic song is the best solution for everyone.
          For DC power interface protection, we recommend the use of ceramic gas discharge tubes, PTC and TVS pipes to cooperate with each other, so that effective protection measures can be achieved.
          Recommendation of electronic component model:
          Ceramic gas discharge tube optional: 2R090M8L, TVS tube optional SMCJ33CA/SMBJ33CA, PTC according to the actual customer current size choice! For those who do not know much about the selection, we can consult our online customer service staff in Shenzhen.
          DC power interface protection plan is mentioned here. Thank you for your busy schedule and support for Shenzhen‘s electronic music.