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          Effective scheme of TVS tube in electrostatic protection of automobile keys
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2018-05-11

          Effective scheme of TVS tube in electrostatic protection of automobile keys
          Nowadays, many electronic devices are installed in cars, but these devices are actually one of the most expensive consumer electronics machines.
          In electrostatic discharge, automobile electronic components will be damaged and cause malfunction or failure. Generally, class MOS IC and high frequency devices are very sensitive to static electricity and are most susceptible to static electricity.
          In addition, when the electrostatic charge of the human body accumulates to a certain extent, when contact with the key of the car, it will discharge through the impedance of the key to the earth and produce a large pulse current. Electrostatic discharge generated by human body is also a major source of interference for automotive electronic products.
          At this point, the TVS/ESD antistatic component provided by the Shenzhen downing electronics specialty is able to reduce its impedance at a very high speed and absorb a large current at a very high speed when the two ends of the anti static component are subjected to a high energy shock. Clamp the voltage between the two ends to a predetermined value, so as to ensure that the circuit components behind are damaged by the transient high energy impact.


          Meet the standard: test standard ISO10605-2 test standard IEC61000-4-2