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          Suppression circuit diagram of gas discharge tube and a combination of varistor
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-11-13
          Suppression circuit composed of gas discharge tube and varistor
          The diagram is a surge suppression circuit composed of a gas discharge tube and a varistor. As the varistor has a fatal flaw: the leakage current is stable, the varistor poor performance after a period of time, due to leakage current increases may heat up. In order to solve this problem, a gas discharge tube is connected between varistors. But the disadvantage is that the reaction time is the sum of the reaction time of each device. For example, the reaction time of varistor is 25ns, the reaction time of gas discharge tube is 100ns, then the reaction time of R2, G and R3 of the diagram is 150ns, and the R1 varistor is added to improve the reaction time, so that the reaction time is 25ns.
          Application of gas discharge tube and varistor
            Application of gas discharge tube and varistor
          (such as 220V AC power supply, household electric discharge and pressure sensitive above scheme selection method, R1R2R3 S20K385E2, G N81-A600X with the discharge tube, this circuit can have the shock wave 8/20 waveform 10KA is his protection grade, residual voltage of this circuit will be around 1100, after watching what is the use of components how much pressure is needed to do a level of protection, if the protected equipment cannot withstand the voltage, coupled with a perfect solution to TVS).