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          0402 introduction of one-time fuse applications and fuse specifications
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-09-13
          0402 introduction of one-time fuse applications and fuse specifications
          One time fuse is a surface mount fuse (SMF). It is a small (0402 size), and its size is only 1*0.5mm. It is the smallest fuse in the patch fuse. Ceramic equipment with small space occupation, ceramic material is better than film material in temperature resistance, voltage 32V fuse, commonly used current is 750MA-4A. The compact size is suitable for highly sensitive equipment and is suitable for the top flat surface of the manipulator.
          0402 disposable fuse
          0402 one-time fuse can choose Shenzhen brand TGC0402 series electronic dance. This series is a surface mount fast melt type film fuse. Ultra small package (0402 specifications), very suitable for secondary protection of the circuit, applicable to space constrained applications, such as handheld portable electronic devices. This series is 100% lead-free and meets the requirements of the RoHS directive.
          The current scope of this series can be TGC0402 corresponding to the 0.25A, 0.375A, 0.5A, 0.75A, 1A, 1.25A, 1.5A, 1.75A, 2A, 2.5A, 3A, 3.5A, 4A, 5A, 32V operating voltage, under the condition of 32VDC interruption rating of 35A. The TG0402 provides maximum protection for sensitive circuits, and fuses can protect within 5 seconds in case of 200% overloads.
          0402, a one-time fast fuse, fuse applications are more extensive, for the following space limited applications provide secondary protection, such as mobile phones, batteries, digital cameras, DVD players, hard drives and other places. Brand of 0402 one-time quick fuse, the quality is excellent, can provide sample testing, provide technical support, a large amount of favorably.
          At the same time, Shenzhen also supply various types of electronic tage disposable fast fuse, need to know the detailed information, can be directly online consulting Shenzhen tage engineer, they will answer your questions!