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          Application of self recovery fuse in DC charging pile
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-03-09

          Along with the way of electric car sales rise, for national efforts to promote the construction of charging facilities has been enhanced and pile construction to the city as the center of electric vehicle charging, and gradually spread to the surrounding, and give priority to the construction of new energy demonstration city, through the reasonable layout, led the national electric vehicle charging pile construction and development. In the process of development of electric vehicle charging, security issues involved in all aspects, not only to protect the equipment safety, including safety protection during use, charging safety protection for electric cars, as well as the use of the safety protection. Charging pile has leakage, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, over current protection function to ensure the safety and reliability of charging pile.

          Application of self recovery fuse in DC charging pile

          Overcurrent protection: many electronic devices have a rated current exceeding the rated current is not allowed, otherwise it will burn equipment. Overcurrent protection is, automatic power off when the current exceeds the current set, to protect equipment, chip and motherboard nonablation, avoid equipment failure; in order to avoid the inconvenient replacement, FAE engineers suggested tage electronic flow device can be preferred since the restoration of Baosi complex ability in the charging pile.
          Short circuit protection: short circuit is not only easy to damage the power supply, serious and even cause a fire. Once found a short circuit, electric vehicle charging pile will be immediately cut off, prevent trouble before it happens
          Leakage protection: leakage accident occurred in the course of operation, a small current, although a short time will not have any effect, but a long time, great harm to the human body. The residual current is recovered by the leakage protection system. If the current is too large to be recovered, the current will be cut off immediately.