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          Application of electrostatic protection in communication interface
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-02-08
          Communication interfaces are susceptible to a variety of transient voltage threats, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD), and cable discharge events (CDE)Lightning surge. These threats provide designers with the challenge of the system, which contains over-voltage protectors to meet or exceed the circuit protection standards (see Table 1) without reducing the transmission rate. Critical parameters, such as operating voltage, clamping voltage and capacitance, in the selection of overvoltage protection devices must be taken into account.
          Application of electrostatic protection in communication interface
          Application of electrostatic protection in communication interface
          The capacitance of the protective device is usually a decisive factor in high speed data rate applications (see Table 2).
          Application of electrostatic protection in communication interface
          TVS diodes, like other semiconductor products, have an inherent capacitance. The capacitance is dependent on junction area, doping concentration and voltage across the diode. The reverse bias voltage is inversely related to the device capacitance, as the reverse bias increases the capacitance of the device. As the doping concentration increases, the rated voltage of the diode is reduced, and the capacitance of the device is increased. On the other hand, devices with higher voltage values have smaller junction capacitance. Large joint area involves high current handling capability. However, as the size of the device or connection increases, the capacitance of the device increases along with it.
          The characteristic of a capacitor is the low impedance of the signal with time varying. The higher the frequency of the signal, the lower the resistance to it. Thus, when a TVS diode is used in high data rate applications, the characteristic device capacitance tends to attenuate the signal. Therefore, the device is very large capacitance, the higher the frequency of the attenuation signal.
          From the electronic protection devices continue to cooperate with the development of electronic equipment manufacturers main next-generation protected equipment circuit protection components. From the electronic device has a low profile, save space to provide low voltage equipment, lower voltage clamp and ultra low volume high speed communication application.
          The electronic ESD protection device has been launched from 0201 package ultra low capacitance ULC0521C.