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          ESD devices can provide + 8kV contact ESD protection scheme
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-12-21
          ESD devices can provide + 8kV contact ESD protection scheme
          Recently there are many problems in the customer business advisory ESD static diode selection, ESD diode type electrostatic actually before the introduction, Xiaobian mentioned ESD static diode selection should pay attention to the problem, this article through to provide small + 8kV ESD protection contact TG tage 150W peak power suppressor ESD electrostatic electrostatic diode ESD92DE150M05-C as an example, the low leakage current static suppressor diode of the electrostatic ESD how to selection.
          Electronic engineers should be aware that the ESD ESD diode is an overvoltage, anti-static protection element that is designed for high speed data transmission applications with I/O port protection devices. ESD protection devices are used to avoid the impact of ESD (electrostatic discharge) on sensitive circuits in electronic devices. Very low capacitance, excellent transmission line pulse (TLP) test, and IEC6100-4-2 test capability are provided. Low leakage current ESD electrostatic diode ESD92DE150M05-C more effect on mobile phones, portable devices, digital cameras and power supply electrostatic protection program. The following is the specific characteristics of 150W peak power electrostatic electrostatic suppressor ESD diode ESD92DE150M05-C:
          ESD devices can provide + 8kV contact ESD protection scheme
          ESD92DE150M05-C parameters:
          Package: SOD-923
          Voltage: 5V
          Clamp voltage: 11.6V
          Capacitance value: 15pF
          Power: 150W

          Characteristics of ESD92DE150M05-C:
          1, small size
          2, low height
          3, in 8x20 s pulse peak power up to 150W
          4, low leakage current
          5, response time is usually less than 1ns
          6, according to the human body model ESD rating of three (> 16kV)
          7, IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) + 15kV (air), + 8kV (contact)
          8, IEC61000-4-4 (EFT) 40A (5/50, s)

          ESD (Electro-Static Discharge, electrostatic discharge) may lead to internal circuit damage components, a direct impact on the normal life of the product, and even cause damage to the product. Therefore, ESD protection has always been the focus of engineers. So we say ESD protection in our commonly used consumer electronics terminal products, especially the growing number of digital products embodied in the particularly important. While the winter static produced by the body are very strong and frequent, when we contact mobile phone, digital camera or MP3 handheld electronic devices, often through the introduction of human electrostatic electronic equipment; electronic products currently widely used in large-scale integrated circuits, if there is no special electrostatic protection, may cause data loss, shutdown, chip reset the phenomenon of the breakdown, heavy chips cause permanent damage, unnecessary trouble and economic losses to our daily life! Therefore, in order to ensure the whole system has better ESD protection ability, external ESD protection device is essential.

          Selection of ESD electrostatic diode:
          ESD electrostatic diode product selection ultimately according to the specific needs of each customer choose the appropriate ESD model. When selecting and providing product solutions for customers, be sure to follow the following two principles:
          The working voltage of 1 and Vdrw more than or equal to the circuit
          2, according to the application of the port, protection grade selection MLCV or diode, selected according to the capacitance value of the transmission frequency, the higher the frequency, the device will lower the capacitance value of the capacitance value is too large, easy to cause the signal loss, therefore, must choose the most suitable ESD according to their own needs.