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          Over current protection and application scope of self recovery fuse!
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-12-12
          Application of over current protection of self recovery fuse: two kinds of optional types: self recovery fuse material, radial lead encapsulation and surface mount. The function of self recovery fuse is suitable for many kinds of design applications.
          In life, there are a lot of plug and play type of equipment products, "plug and play" type applications including the motherboard and can be connected with the computer port frequently connected or disconnected many peripheral devices. For example: the mouse, keyboard, audio, network, display and USB port connected devices are likely to fail, cable connections may be damaged, there may be an error.
          The overcurrent protection application of the self recovery fuse, therefore, can be particularly attractive in the function of resetting the error connection. Some of these applications have used radial lead devices, others are more appropriate to use surface mount devices.
          Over current protection and application scope of self recovery fuse!
          When the power supply device generates excessive voltage and then causes the phenomenon of excessive current, the self recovery fuse can protect the hard disk drive from the damage. Hard disk drive applications usually use surface mount self recovery fuse.
          Application of over current protection of self recovery fuse - power equipment is vulnerable to circuit fault. Without protection measures, the current supplied by the power supply may cause a low resistance fault. An independent self recovery fuse protects each load when there are multiple loads or multiple circuits. The device is usually arranged in an output circuit, and can be used for radial lead type or surface mount package.
          Over current protection of the self recovery fuse - the high temperature generated by the motor over current will cause damage to the winding insulation, for small motors, and even cause the diameter of the small diameter of the winding wire. And since the recovery of the fuse normally does not trip under normal starting current. Motor generally use radial lead type self recovery fuse to provide protection.
          The transformer may be subjected to an overcurrent damage caused by a circuit fault, and the current limiting function of the self recovery fuse can provide protection to the transformer. The self recovery fuse can be placed at the load end of the transformer so as to minimize the impact of the circuit fault. Radial lead or surface mount devices are used in many applications.
          Resettable over-current protection application -- these are small for the application of self recovery fuse overcurrent protection of all simple explanations, if you don‘t understand what other places, or want to know more about other resettable specific application case, welcome to contact us from the Sales Department Manager Zhang electronic website, we will reply to you in the first time.