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          ESD protection industry: analysis of parameter selection of ESD protector
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-11-17

          The first is the key parameters of ESD. As the following figure is a ESD of some of the parameters, we analyze the significance of the parameters.

          ESD protection industry: analysis of parameter selection of ESD protector

          First, ESD protection parameters selection analysis
          Vpp is usually in line with a certain specification of the activation pulse voltage, we need to pay special attention to this parameter, when we choose a ESD tube, the parameters of the static voltage than the product to withstand a little bit larger. If the product needs to withstand + 8Kv of static electricity, then we choose the need for 10Kv tube.
          (1) Ppp parameters determine the pipe‘s energy leakage capacity, P=UI, under normal circumstances, this parameter should be a little larger, so the leakage power of the ESD tube will enhance a lot of.
          (2) Ipp and Ppp are positively correlated, when the turn-on voltage is certain, the greater the Ppp Ipp will be.
          (3) the stability parameter T, we need to pay attention to is the product using the temperature and the junction temperature. The use of temperature determines whether the products can meet the product product specifications using the ambient temperature, and the temperature will affect the ESD tube leakage energy will be burned.
          (4) breakdown voltage, that is, the voltage of the ESD tube is turned on, this parameter is related to the performance of ESD tube protection products.
          (5) the leakage current, not only ESD tube need to pay attention to the leakage current, MCU, LDO and so on, we need to pay attention to this parameter. For consumer electronics, the use of lithium batteries and the product‘s sleep current, leakage current has an important relationship.

          Two, the relationship between ESD pipe parameters
          The minimum rated reverse breakdown voltage and turn off voltage: 5% and 10% two kinds of discrete degree of ESD tube according to strike breakdown voltage, for 5% specifications of the ESD tube, the rated reverse turn off voltage is 0.85 times the minimum value of the breakdown voltage, and for 10% ESD, the rated reverse shutoff pressure minimum value the breakdown voltage of 0.81.
          The rated pulse power of the ESD tube is based on the maximum up to voltage and the parameters of the pulse peak current at maximum up to voltage. For different products of the ESD requirements level, select the different levels of pulse power. As we understand, with the increase of this parameter, the stronger the anti surge ability of ESD tube, the parameter is also related to the pulse waveform, duration and environment temperature.
          Capacitance of ESD tube. The ESD tube used in the product is usually equivalent to a parallel connection of a diode and a capacitor. While the higher capacitance for the data signal frequency circuit, the diode capacitance interference on the circuit increases, the formation of noise or attenuation of the signal strength, so when we choose ESD, to select the components according to the characteristics of loop circuit. The usual experience for the high-frequency circuit in the selection of small capacitors (generally less than 3pF) components, in general, you can choose a high circuit capacitance of the ESD 40pF tube.

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