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          Patch self recovery fuse manufacturers
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-09-07
          Shenzhen tage electronics is a professional engaged in self recovery fuse manufacturers, the company mainly to fuse, self recovery fuse, TVS diode, transient suppression diodes, gas discharge, R & D and production of semiconductor discharge tube. The company relies on strong R & D capability to launch the latest low power, low resistance patch self recovery fuse is suitable for battery powered handheld devices, can effectively increase the usage time of equipment, for the company and main products.
          Self recovery fuse manufacturers from electronic patch
          Surface mount SMD self recovery fuse applications:
          SMD patch self recovery fuse: SMD self recovery fuse series of products designed for protection devices of program-controlled switches, wiring design and production, but also can be used for transformer, security equipment, lighting, automotive electronics, industrial control, communication, instrument, telephone lines and other fields.
          Chip fuse can be divided into a one-time patch fuse and patch since the recovery of the fuse, the need to replace a one-time fuse protection, self recovery fuse protection after power failure can be restored to their own reusable.
          SMD self recovery fuse features:
          1 meet RoHS requirements
          2 EIA size: 0805~2920
          3 to maintain the current range: 0.05 ~ 3.0A
          4 voltage levels from 6V to 60V, to meet the needs of the computer and various electronic applications
          5 pads are small in size
          6 fast action time
          7 low impedance
          8 working temperature range: -40~+85
          9 safety certification: /cUL/TUV UL
          10 varieties, complete specifications, can replace Littelfuse, Raychem, BOURNS import models
          11 small size, strong structure, easy to install and easy to install.
          12 high consistency
          13 ultra low resistance, effectively reduce the energy loss
          14 excellent impulse current tolerance
          Patch self recovery fuse application range:
          1 LED lighting, electronic ballast and other lighting drive power supply
          2 inverter, DC/DC converter and other power supply
          3 CNC products
          4 office automation products
          5 cooling system
          6 white home appliances
          7 computer and peripheral equipment
          8 mobile phone battery pack
          9 automotive electronics
          1 power supply
          5 communication system
          6 and other applications
          Shenzhen tage electronic contact:
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