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          TVS diode transient suppression diode manufacturers
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2016-08-18
          Shenzhen tergytech Co., Ltd, TVS diode, transient suppression diode manufacturer, to provide professional TVs transient suppression diode series, with the majority of customer word-of-mouth publicity, 100% quality assurance, allows you to use the rest assured that peace of mind to buy. Welcome our friends to order!
          Transient suppressor diode manufacturers
          Transient suppression diode:
          Transient suppression diode (TVS), simple to say is a kind of high efficiency protection device in the form of diode. When the transient suppression diode poles by the reverse transient high impact energy, it will at the speed of 10 to the minus 12 second order, variable between the two poles of high impedance to low impedance and absorption up to several kilowatts of power surge, equilibrium between the two poles of the voltage clamp in a expected value can effectively ensure the precision components in electronic circuit from various surge pulse impact and damage.
          Transient suppressor diode manufacturers
          Transient suppression diode related applications:
          Application of 1.TVS transient suppression diode in AC circuit
          The following figure shows the application of a bidirectional TVS diode in the AC circuit. The application of TVS can effectively restrain the overload impulse caused by the power grid, thus it can protect the rectifier bridge and all the components in the load. The maximum allowable voltage clamp in figure TVS 1 bit voltage should be not greater than the circuit.
          Widely used in computer systems, communications equipment, AC / DC power supply, automotive, electronic ballast converter, household electrical appliance, instrument and meter, watt hour meter), RS232/422/423/485, I / O, LAN, ISDN, ADSL, USB, MP3 players, PDAs, GPS, CDMA, GSM, digital camera protection, CM / poor die protection, RF coupling / IC driver receives the protection, electromagnetic wave interference suppression, audio / video input, sensor / transmission, control circuit, a relay, contactor noise suppression in various fields.
          TVS transient suppression diode used in AC circuit
          2 protection applications of integrated circuits
          As the integration of modern IC is more and more high, and its voltage is getting lower and lower, so it is vulnerable to the impact of transient voltage and damage, it is necessary to take protective measures. The input and output terminals of the CMOS circuit are usually protected by the network. For the sake of reliability, various protection networks have been added to the external interface of the whole machine. The following figure gives the TTL and CMOS TVS devices to protect the relevant circuit measures.
          Transistor storage protection circuit based on TVS.