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          Hello! Welcome to Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.
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          Manufacturer of high quality gas discharge tube
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2018-03-12
          The company is a professional gas discharge tube manufacturer. It has the rich professional manufacturing experience of the main recommended gas discharge tube in.10. It is well received by the customers. For large enterprises, small and medium enterprises provide gas discharge tubes.
          What is provided: the gas discharge tube sample test, our department also can provide free test!
          The gas discharge tube includes patch diode and triode. The voltage range is from 75V to 1000V, which exceeds one hundred specifications, and is strictly monitored, controlled and managed according to the standard. It is usually used in the first or first two stages in the multistage protection circuit to discharge the transient over current of lightning and to limit the overvoltage. Electrical characteristics: high insulation resistance, small parasitic capacitance and strong surge protection.
          Shenzhen tage Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the electrostatic protection research and production, sales as one of the enterprises.
          Core advantages:
          1 provide technical solutions
          2 customized production according to the special needs of the customer.
          The main products are:
          Over current products: self recovery fuse PPTC, disposable patch fuse, glass fuse, car fuse,
          Over voltage products: TVS transient suppression diode, ESD electrostatic protection, varistor, GDT gas discharge tube, TSS solid discharge tube products all conform to the lead-free, halogen free environmental requirements, and get the UL, VDE and TUV authorized certification of foreign authoritative products. It is widely used in computer, communication, security, automobile, toys, household appliances and other industrial fields.
          The company has been focusing on the protection of the circuit, and pursues the brand strategy, and tries to provide the best quality products and the best service for the customers. Welcome to your purchase at all times!