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          Hello! Welcome to Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.
          They are in search:Fuse | ESD protector | TVS diode | varistor | gravitron | MLCV | self recovery fuse
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          Company Name: Shenzhen Tage Technology Co., Ltd.
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          2018 Shenzhen tage electronic started down!
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2018-02-23
          As the saying goes, "a good beginning is half of success." In February 23rd, the lunar month, is the first working day of the 2018 Shenzhen tage electronic dog, the leadership of the company according to the traditional custom is ready to start for everyone, wish buddies in the new year, happy family, happy work, performance significantly, a lot of bonuses to
          At 2018, Shenzhen will continue to adhere to the original electronic dance, down-to-earth, with a high sense of free from arrogance and impetuosity, and sense of responsibility to promote the sustainable development of the company, all efforts to grasp the overall tone while maintaining stability of the work. Last year was a grander sight, this year more upper floor.
          A new starting point, new journey, A fighting spirit soars aloft., starting again! Shenzhen is ready for the electronic dance! 2018, roll up its sleeves dry gas!