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          Hello! Welcome to Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.
          They are in search:Fuse | ESD protector | TVS diode | varistor | gravitron | MLCV | self recovery fuse
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          Company Name: Shenzhen Tage Technology Co., Ltd.
          Phone: 86-755-88365418,88365225,88363209
          Fax: 86-755-88361758 Holiday Service Phone: 18128869501 E-mail: evan@tergy.com
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          From the electronic 2017 51 holiday notice!
          Publish:Shenzhen Tergy Technology Co., Ltd.  Time:2017-04-26
          Hello everyone:
          Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. in 2017 from the Labor Day holiday schedule: April 29th (Saturday) - May 1st (Monday) holiday 3 days. May 2nd (Tuesday) officially go to work.
          If you need to stock and sampling, please try to contact the company‘s staff before the holidays, so as not to delay.
          If you need to purchase during the holiday season, please call the holiday service on the official website.
          During the holidays, duty phone: 18128869501.
          From the electronic here, I wish you a happy holiday!
          May Day holiday
          Staff tips:
          1) due to the company‘s May Day holiday has been ahead of time in the national provisions of the holiday time X days, and therefore does not allow employees to leave early or can not go back to work on time.
          2, during the festival, we suggest that we should take part in more beneficial activities, pay attention to work and rest, such as leaving the workplace, travel, visiting relatives and friends, please pay attention to the property and personal safety.

          Shenzhen tage Technology Co. Ltd.
          2017 04 - May 26